Can you sell print on demand on Etsy?

Etsy is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, with more than a million merchants and a worldwide readership of more than 100 million individuals. Despite its modest size, the shop specializes in handcrafted items such as customized t-shirts and stickers rather than mass-produced items such as mugs or t-shirts with logos printed on them. 

Even though many Etsy sellers trade things they have created themselves, anybody may start an Etsywhether or have any particular creative design abilities. Shop, regardless of whether they have any specific creative design skills.

If you are selling print-on-demand goods on Etsy, you don’t even need to touch the products at all to make a profit. 

Why Should You Use Print-on-Demand for Etsy? 

If you are also currently selling print-on-demand goods on other online marketplaces or in your shop, selling Etsy is a fantastic way to reach a larger audience while generating more revenue. 

You may diversify your company by outsourcing product production to offer yourself more freedom and flexibility. If you are also currently selling on Etsy, print on demand can help you extend your product range and give yourself more freedom and flexibility. Diversifying your company via increased product variety, outsourcing product development to offer yourself more freedom and flexibility, and extending your product selection are all possible benefits of making a move.

More than 45 million individuals have also made purchases on Etsy since its founding in 2003. Individuals who purchase items on Etsy are often searching for fascinating, humorous, and unique designs. For example, t-shirts with unusual graphics and slogans can be ready to create using print on demand. 

Print on demand is a business strategy that allows you to sell goods using designs you have developed (or paid someone to create) without producing those products. 

Only the design is required; a print-on-demand provider will take care of printing and shipping the finished product to your client on your behalf when an order is received. All you have to do is supply the design. 

Print on demand is essentially a more sophisticated version of dropshipping. 

Not all print-on-demand vendors, on the other hand, are compatible with Etsy. Some print-on-demand systems have their online marketplaces, and you are not permitted to sell your goods on any other websites or platforms. 

This post will discuss the best ten print-on-demand platforms you may utilize to sell your products on Etsy.

Best Print on Demand For Etsy

🛍 Printful

Printful is one of the most well-known names in the business. It is one of the few big print-on-demand businesses that have an interface with the Etsy marketplace. 

Despite this, there are certain restrictions to the Etsy integration, which are listed below. While it will automatically send your Printful goods to your Etsy shop, your products will not have live, dynamic shipping costs shown on Etsy, nor will they be marked as out of stock as they would be otherwise. 

The good news is that Printful will take care of all of your Etsy orders for you, including shipping and handling fees if applicable. Additionally, you will only charge when a purchase to fulfilled, so you won’t have to worry about accruing additional costs in the future (there is also a 20 cent listing fee). 

Men’s and women’s clothes, caps, purses, jewelry, phone covers, house decorations, and other items are among the many goods you may offer on 

Utilizing Printful as a product provider rather than printing and producing the goods yourself will be completely invisible to your Etsy consumers, who will never realize that you are saving money. 

Furthermore, since Printful has fulfillment facilities in both Europe and the United States, you can ship to customers all over the globe and have goods delivered promptly and at a reasonable price to anywhere in the world. 

As a bonus, not only does Printful provide reasonable base pricing, but they also allow you to customize your profit margins (though they recommend a profit margin of 30 percent as a minimum). It provides you with the capacity to handle your profits effectively.

You may experiment with the Printful profit calculator to get a sense of how much you might be able to make. 

Another thing that distinguishes Printful from most other print-on-demand businesses is that their fulfillment services are accessible for goods not sold by Printful. 

With this in mind, even if Printful did not produce your items, you may still keep them in Printful’s warehouses (for a charge), and Printful will send them to your clients as orders come in. 

It enables you to run your Etsy company from anywhere in the world, providing you more freedom and flexibility. 

🛍 Printify

Even though they have a similar name, Printify and Printful should not affiliate in any way. Instead, it is a print-on-demand service that Etsy merchants may utilize as an alternative to Amazon. 

Printify claims to have linked more than 250,000 shops to its network at this point. 

Printify, like Printful, charges a 20 cent listing fee for each order. The ability to charge extra costs will not be available until you complete a transaction via your website.

Even though the Etsy integration is straightforward to set up and utilize, there are some restrictions. For example, there is no HTML editor on Etsy for Printify goods; you will have to change them in your Printify dashboard instead. 

Printify Review (Aug 2021): Easy and Quick Way to Create Products With Your  Designs

You will have the option to save listings as drafts, which you may activate at any moment and publish to your Etsy shop for a fee of 20 cents. Other restrictions include the inability to upload size charts to Etsy and upload more than ten pictures at a time to the marketplace. 

Printify, like Printful, is a free service for Etsy merchants to utilize. Premium Printify accounts, which cost $29/month, provide access to lower base pricing as well as the option to set up ten shops rather than one, allowing you to save money on printing. 

With Printify, you may sell a total of over 200 different goods. In addition, many goods have several print suppliers accessible from which you may select based on shipping prices, production timeframes, printing techniques, and customer evaluations, among other factors. 

You may earn money by simply adding your profit margin (for example, an additional $10) to the introductory price of the garment. Don’t forget to consider shipping costs. 

In conclusion, both Printful and Printify are excellent choices in terms of product variety, price, and simplicity of use, and we recommend them both. In the meanwhile, we’ll go through the other eight alternatives.

🛍 Gooten

However, while Gooten does not have as large of a product selection as Printify (130+ items as opposed to more than 200+ items), they do have enough options available so that you can successfully launch an Etsy shop using their platform. 

Using Gooten instead of Printify has several advantages: you can set up an unlimited number of stores, whereas, with Printify, you have limited to five stories on the free plan and ten stores on the premium plan. 

The process of creating a Gooten account is simple and takes only a few minutes. The only thing you’ll have to do is fill out some basic business information, and once this is complete, you will be ready to begin generating and publishing listings in your Product Hub.

Gooten Review (Aug 2021): Everything You Need to Know

If you have already connected your Gooten account to your Shopify store, connecting your Gooten account with your Etsy account will involve a process similar to connecting your Gooten account to your Shopify store. 

Once again, there are restrictions. Etsy’s number of images, tags, and product variations is limited to 10, 13, and two per product variation. So if your Gooten listing contains more than two product variations or ten images, it will publish not all of them to your Etsy store. 

Gooten has an extensive catalog that includes a diverse selection of clothing, home products, pet products, accessories, and holiday decorations, among other things. They have highly competitive pricing, which you can see for yourself here. 

If you have an Etsy store, you have complete control over the final prices of each product you sell. Gooten is constantly auditing the printing suppliers who are creating and selling products to ensure that your customers are only receiving the highest-quality products on the market today. 

🛍 Art of Where

It is a lesser-known print-on-demand platform, but what makes it so interesting is that it offers items that many other print-on-demand platforms. One-of-a-kind Art Of Where items include notebooks, pencil cased, headbands, wooden wall art, and other accessories that are not available anywhere else.

You may use it to build mockup versions of your goods, and it includes a stunning 3D design lab for doing so. Choose the kind of goods you want to sell and submit your design or phrase to get started.

As an authorized Etsy Manufacturer and Production Partner, you may utilize Art of Whereas a supplier and fulfillment source for your Etsy goods since it is an Etsy manufacturer and production partner.

However, unlike Printful and Printify, they do not provide international shipping; they only ship to the United States to Canada.

Art of Where ‑ Print on demand | Shopify App Store

Nonetheless, they are a viable alternative since they provide customizable packaging and stickers that can be customized, printed, and applied outside your shipments. Additionally, may place artist Cards inside the containers to make them even more personalized.

Your Etsy customers would never realize that you did not design and manufacture your goods!

You can print custom labels for clothes and pillowcases and attach them to the clothes to start your brand. Even though they are accessible for wholesale purchases, they are $1 per item in dropship orders. 

There are certain benefits to utilizing the Art of Where catalog for Etsy, even though it is not as big as the catalogs of some other print-on-demand platforms like Zazzle and CafePress. 

It charges a 3.5 percent transaction cost for each acquires instead of the 5 percent transaction fee charged by Printful, even though it demands a 20 cent listing fee like Printful. 

It implies that you will be able to keep an additional 1.5 percent of your earnings from each sale, which may add up quickly and be very beneficial if you are a struggling designer.

🛍 The Prodigi

Prodigi is a print-on-demand fulfillment business that complies with Etsy’s Terms and Conditions for fulfillment providers to be approved. However, they do not directly connect with Etsy, as Printful and Printify do, which is a disadvantage. 

Selling Prodigi goods on Etsy, on the other hand, is not a strict or time-consuming endeavor. In this instance, all that requires is to set up a Shopify shop, link Prodigi with Shopify, import all of your Prodigi goods into Shopify, and then utilize the Etsy plugin to publish your Shopify listings on Etsy. 

The Etsy plugin, on the other hand, will set you back USD 69 (this is a one-time fee and not a recurring payment). You may test it out with up to five items for free to get a feel for it, but if you want to use the full version of the plugin, you’ll have to pay. 

When using Prodigi for Etsy, if you do not want to pay the $69 fee but still want to utilize the service, you can always use the Prodigi Manual Order Form to send Etsy orders Prodigi manually. 

For Prodigi to fulfill the requests on your behalf, they must complete each other manually.

Another alternative is to use the CSV bulk importer tool, which you may find at the following link. It is beneficial if you have many Etsy orders arriving simultaneously and don’t have the time to fill an order form for each one manually. 

In addition to the usual men’s and women’s apparel that Prodigi provides, they also have a large selection of low-cost, low-priced goods available. To give you an example, they have stickers beginning at only 0.89 pounds, stationery starting at just 0.20 pounds, canvas paintings beginning at just 2 pounds, and so on. 

Even though they will headquarter in the United Kingdom, various goods will send from different nations. For example, photography and art prints, which start at 0.15 pounds and ship from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, also the European Union, are available.

🛍 T-Shirt Gang 

T-Shirt Gang, despite their name, is not limited to the sale of t-shirts, but it is their main area of concentration. Although their collection is not as extensive as other print-on-demand suppliers, they offer you various choices.

In addition to clothing, you can sell items such as mugs, hats, facemasks, and tote bags as promotional items.

Even though their product selection is not great, they provide a fast and straightforward connection with Etsy. The ability to post listings directly to Etsy and retrieve Etsy orders fast are also available.

It makes it a bit more suitable than Prodigi. 

All in all, T-Shirt Gang offers reasonable prices and quick turnaround times for your orders. If you are only selling a few essential products like t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and mugs, it is an excellent provider to use to sell on Etsy. 

🛍 Printed Mint 

Through the use of their API, Printed Mint enables you to connect with Etsy. The fact that their API is not approved or connected with Etsy in any way is critical to understand.

Printed Mint is pretty standard in terms of product selection – they have clothing, accessories, and wall art. 

🛍 Teelaunch 

Although Teelaunch makes for Shopify, they also offer an Etsy app that you can use to sell products on Etsy. To be able to utilize the Etsy app, you’ll need to have an account with Shopify. 

They have around 50 different goods to choose from, including unique items such as a Bluetooth speaker and a big bag for children. Depending on your preferences, these are all high-quality goods you can sell on either Shopify or Etsy. 

Of course, there are also more conventional items, such as mugs and t-shirts, available. 

🛍 Redbubble  

It is a well-known print-on-demand platform, but it is not often utilized for Etsy because it does not directly connect with the marketplace. You may, however, continue to use RedBubble for Etsy; you will have to place orders as they come in rather than automatically manually. 

It will take a little time and work, but it is entirely possible if you do not have a big Etsy shop to begin. 

RedBubble offers a perfect variety of items to sell that are accessible for purchase.

🛍 Shirtee Cloud 

Shirtee Cloud has over 4,000 distinct product variants for you to choose from it. Maintain your focus on the fact that they are product variants rather than tangible goods. 

Even though they make it simple to connect your account with Etsy, you will have charged a 0.18 euro cost for each listing as well as a 4 percent fee per sale (on top of Etsy’s standard 5 percent fee). In addition, we will charge a 0.30 euro fee for each transaction. 

Your orders will be completed automatically and processed within 2-5 days, and you can easily track their progress using the Shirtee Cloud app. 

As an added convenience, Shirtee Cloud offers a warehouse fulfillment service, enabling you to store and sell goods that the company does not manufacture.

Here are some suggestions for selling print-on-demand products on Etsy

It is critical to advertising your goods, regardless of the print-on-demand supplier you select to increase your sales. The following are suggestions for improving your sales on Etsy and some pointers for selling on the platform. 


Should apply search engine optimization (SEO) to your Etsy items. A large number of vendors are entirely unaware of this. 

Regular SEO and Etsy SEO are the two kinds of SEO you should optimize for on your website. 

Google, Bing, and other search networks are examples of search networks. A keyword tool, such as, can assist you in determining this will help you find out which keywords are popular and have many searches on search engines such as Google.

Utilize those keywords in the title and description of your listing. 

The method of optimizing for Etsy SEO is quite similar. Use the Etsy search bar recommendations to see which phrases are currently trending on the site. 

Upload Appealing Photographs 

Make confident that you have high-quality pictures of your goods. One method to do this is to order a sample of each thing you want to sell so that you can take professional photographs of it. 

You may always post pictures generated by the mockup generator of whatever platform you are using. Still, the quality of these images is generally inferior to that of authentic photos taken of the actual product. 

Provide Free Shipping as an incentive 

People like free delivery, and it will have been showing to boost conversion rates significantly. It does not imply that you will be required to pay for shipping costs out of pocket. 

Raise the price of the item itself and, if feasible, include free delivery in the cost of the product. 

If you are unable to provide free delivery, concentrate on obtaining expedited shipment instead. Choose a print-on-demand supplier that offers fast processing and delivery to do this. 

It may differ from one product to the next. Do your homework before choosing a print-on-demand service. One provider may be better for t-shirts, while another may be better for mugs. 

To promote your company, make use of social media platforms. 

If you are an artist or designer with a distinct style, you should set up an Instagram and Pinterest account to market your designs and goods to a broader audience. It’s a fantastic method to build a following and get followers. 

You may also create a Facebook page to promote your business.

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