How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

Looking for a way to make a little extra money by selling merchandise through the POD technique? Printing-on-demand is not a online reality idea but rather a dropshipping model that is becoming increasingly commercially viable.

Print-on-demand, like other selling structures, can generate a significant amount of revenue for the retailer who uses it.

For newcomers to the e-commerce business model, print on demand is an eye-catching category within the business model. It’s simple to get started because you don’t have to worry about having any inventory. You must inject a significant amount of originality into the equation to achieve balance.

And the reason for this is as follows.

You’ll need to come up with design concepts that are unbeatable. What’s even better about it is that a merchant is not required to create the designs themselves. Several out-of-the-ordinary print-on-demand companies can assist you. Later in this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable examples.

If you’re looking to raise your profit margins, you might want to consider a couple of different print design options.

In providing a starting point, it would be prudent to compile a list of some of the most promising market niches. In the beginning, print-on-demand products are typically just blank sheets of paper or other forms of writing.

Clear hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, and caps are available for purchase on marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba and are of standard quality.

An online retailer is in charge of sourcing the merchandise and creating the graphics on their own. There is one fundamental difference between the print-on-demand formula and other models, and it is this. Furthermore, POD provides sellers with the ability to personalize their products as desired. They are also capable of working with designs provided by customers.

In another way, there are no design limitations. Custom products have a loyal following of customers. When a consumer places an order, the wholesaler designs the print on the spot, manufactures the finished product, and ships it to the customer within minutes of receiving the order.

The Print On Demand and How It Works

It is past time to put this guide into a more practical context.

Print on demand appears to be able to accommodate a wide range of businesses. A writer, for example, can perfectly fit into this model and generate better profit markups than they ever have before in their career. There is one method of accomplishing this is through the sale of demand books.

The same can be said for artists and designers as well. At the moment, it’s not uncommon to find art prints and wall art for sale on irrelative sales channels such as eBay and Amazon.

So, how do these professionals plan to rely on the POD system in the future? You might wonder.

There are a few POD options to choose from, like other dropshipping models, depending on your specific niche. You might want to reach the pinnacle of success by finally standing out from the crowd to attract an unrivaled target audience.

Most customers must have a high level of confidence in the quality of your products. Large print-on-demand companies use this strategy to ensure that they have repeat customers throughout the year.

The quality of your materials must meet or exceed industry standards. It becomes much more difficult to fall short of your revenue projections in this manner. In time, it will recognize that sourcing exceptional quality products from vendors are the first step in ensuring that your products retain their perceived value in the eyes of your customers.

A blank product is required to print a custom design. Suppose there is one that is entirely devoid of markings. If you are placing an order with a supplier, it is good to ask for clarification.

The Print-on-Demand (POD) and model of dropshipping

Considering current trends, it appears that the POD model is entirely compatible with the dropshipping technique in use. When a customer places an order, a transaction is completed and becomes effective. As a result, the merchant is relieved of the need to maintain any inventory at all.

On the practical side, this means that you don’t necessarily need to keep large quantities of inventory on hand in your warehouse. If you choose to sell through a sales channel, such as Shopify, you can experiment with a couple of POD products. The ultimate goal is to identify one that has the potential to generate enormous profits.

Furthermore, with POD dropshipping, you can delegate all of the necessary preparations to the supplier. It includes everything from printing the custom design to shipping the finished product to the end customer. As a result, the retailer can concisely streamline the order fulfillment process.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

So that we’re clear on what we’re talking about, you can use the print-on-demand service to investigate untapped business opportunities in a specific niche. It is closely related to the fact that it allows you to make additional money from a pre-built customer audience.

If you consider your influence on social media platforms, that is the most accurate way to look at it. Instagram, for example, can be a valuable tool for creating shoppable posts for your POD products, as can Pinterest.

Accounting for the requirement to carve an extremely narrow niche, a retailer can increase visibility for their brand by employing the most conventional print-on-demand strategies. Consequently, you distinguish yourself from the horde of competitors vying for the same audience share in the marketplace.

πŸ“Œ Product Concepts for Printing on demand Products in the Mainstream

πŸ“ T-shirts

There are a plethora of ideas that are feasible evaluated using the print-on-demand model. Simple tee shirts are excellent products that merchants can use to sell their custom badges because they are so simple. T-shirt drawings (including round neck, v-neck, and polo t-shirts) are available from most suppliers in large quantities and at meager prices.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

The fact about t-shirts is that they are trendy and can be easily customized using various print-on-demand services. Small and medium-sized business owners, for example, may find it simple to customize their companies’ logos on t-shirts.

An excellent place to find potential mockups for your print-on-demand products is Placeit as well, which is a great resource. When you don’t have a design to get started with, Placeit may be a good option.

T-shirts possible found on the following websites: 

  • TeeLaunch
  • Printful
  • Pixels
  • Gooten 
  • Printify

πŸ“ Backpacks

It is a niche that amounts to oversaturated while it has a high conversion potential is significant. To find some of the most up-to-date fabric design prints on platforms such as Pinterest, which constantly updates its collection of new designs.

If you ask a college millennial or a high school teen, they would say a custom branded backpack is an absolute must-have. As a result, the POD drop shipper must work with the appropriate demographics.

Drawstring bags are included in this category as well. They are primarily used as merchandise by organizations to raise awareness of a particular theme figuratively.

Backpacks possible found on: 

  • Printful 
  • Gooten.

In the same way that you can find amazing mockups for T-shirts on Placeit for additional inspiration, you can find excellent mockups for backpacks on Placeit.

πŸ“ Hoodies

Selling custom printed hoodies, which are very similar to t-shirts, can generate a significant amount of revenue. So far, the Chinese market has placed a strong emphasis on the sale of replication coats.

When you see a ‘Champion’ branded hoodie on AliExpress for $30, it’s likely a knockoff of the original article. Despite this, retailers are generating a significant amount of revenue as a result of this. On the contrary, it is essential to pay close attention to the level of quality.

The ability to sell print-on-demand (POD) services to online shoppers by printing any design they request is a strong option for retailers.

πŸ“ Mugs

It is one of the most competitive niche categories in the POD model, but it is also one of the highest yielding. If you walk into a large corporation, you will almost certainly notice a mug that has proven to have printed with the company’s logo.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

Most organizations treat it more like a ritual that is extremely difficult to break free. To produce sensible sales, you need to be a little creative and create brands that are more than just a bare minimum, to put it another way.

Mugs are available in various shapes and sizes, ranging from products sold as professional merch to fun and unique coffee mugsβ€”the statement possible established at:

  • TeeLaunch
  • Pixels
  • Printify
  • Printful
  • Gooten

πŸ“ Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are a great option.

Yoga lessons will continue to acquire in the future. What better way to monetize your POD business than to put on a pair of yoga pants yourself?

They are simple to combine with a variety of print designs. The market potential for Yoga is quite significant, as evidenced by the large number of people who practice the discipline. It suggests that you should consider including this as a POD service in the product category of your online store.

The totality of yoga pants to skirts is feasible to access the following websites: 

  • Printful 
  • Printify 

πŸ“ Phone covers

A smartphone is now in possession of nearly everyone in the world.

The idea of customizing your mobile device cover to give it a gleaming finish and conceal those unsightly dents sounds like a low-cost but effective way to update your device.

You only require a reasonable amount of entrepreneurial spirit to hone some eccentric design skills that contribute to achieving your print-on-demand business objectives.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

Even though phone cases are a top-selling environment in many environments, they are a product area that constantly expands as new technology becomes available. Phone case suppliers may take place on the following websites: 

  • Printful 
  • Gooten 
  • Printify 
  • Pixels 
  • Ink Threadable 

πŸ“ Towels

Selling custom printed towels on your POD’s storefront is a fantastic way to increase sales and generate more revenue. I’m pretty confident that this will appear to be a little far-fetched.

Going to the beach is something that everyone enjoys. There isn’t any doubt in my mind. As an online retailer, there is no doubt that there is a market demand for what you are offering. Ecommerce stores that sell fancy towels not only receive a lot of traffic from summer lovers, but they also receive a lot of traffic from gym-goers.

A variety of towels are available, from beach towels to hand towels. Using a mockup generator on one of the following sites: 

  • Printful 
  • Gooten 
  • Printify 
  • Pixels

πŸ“ Stickers for the walls

You may find yourself wanting to supplement their personal living space with a few additional accessories at some point. What do you think about being an interior design guru?

It appears to be a risky proposition.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

You may be surprised by the widespread enthusiasm for brightening up one’s surroundings. To be successful in this endeavor, a potential hunter must have established relationships with high-quality canvas suppliers.

Stickers are relatively simple to come by on

  • Gooten
  • TeeLaunch 

πŸ“ Leggings

Leggings are always a good mood booster for ladies, whether worn for a brisk morning jog or a relaxing yoga session.

Leggings are a sporty and practical choice for such activities. Some online retailers include a yoga mat as a “frequently purchased together” item to round out the package. That is a strategy that has several benefits that are multifaceted.

First and foremost, you gain the opportunity to broaden the scope of your print-on-demand service offerings by including a new product in your catalogs.

To generate more sales, you should also test your potential buyer’s impulsiveness.

Leggings may establish on the following websites: 

  • Printful 
  • Printify
  • Inkthreadable 

πŸ“ Neckties

The casual Friday atmosphere causes most 9-5 employees to want to dress up and have that one-of-a-kind office appearance.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

A necktie is ideal because it is a niche product mixed and matched with trendy designs. As with socks or a watch, it can be worn for any occasion, no matter what day of the week it occurs on.

The website Gooten is generally the best place to find necktie designs and design your own from scratch.

πŸ“Œ Accessory Items Available for Printing on Demand

There are a plethora of other print-on-demand products to investigate that are not limited to basic apparel. By looking at the trending categories on sites such as Printful, Gotten, and others, you can usually get an idea of the types of products available from popular Print-on-demand suppliers before placing an order. Here are a few suggestions for the accessories section.

πŸ“ Hats

However, even though hats appear to be a reasonably saturated market, there is still a tremendous amount of demand for them in the POD space. The great thing about hats is that it used in various situations, such as promotional merchandise for events or as a fashion accessory in their own right.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

Hats give you a great deal of creative freedom when creating Print-on-Demand products, which is especially useful if you want to experiment with different designs. Baseball hats, fashionable wedding hats, trucker hats, and a plethora of other options are available for you to consider. Printful, Inkthreadable, and Printify are websites where you can find hats.

πŸ“ Socks

Socks are another excellent option for those interested in apparel but who do not wish to get too involved in the clothing industry. The great thing about selling socks is that you don’t have to be a part of the fashion industry. Socks make excellent gifts as well, primarily if it is personalized.

Since their inception, socks have stood the test of time and have provided excellent product margins. It is possible to sell your socks in a popular print, or you can offer your customers the option to personalize them with things such as their names or favorite colors. Printify is a resource for finding Print on demand sock suppliers. Some are the following:

  • PlaceIt
  • Inkthreadable
  • Printful
  • TeeLaunch

πŸ“ Cosmetic BagsΒ 

We’ve talked about backpacks in the past, but many other bag storage options are available, each with its distinct market to consider.

For example, suppose you have a passion for the cosmetics industry. In that case, you can create and sell your line of cosmetics, complete with Print on demand cosmetic bags that are sure to catch the attention of social media influencers.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

Beauty cosmetic bags are great for storing items and traveling with them, and they also make for a great add-on item in a lot of sales. Cosmetic bag options can be found on the following:

  • Gooten
  • Redbubble
  • TeeLAunch
  • Prinitify
  • Pixels

πŸ“ Compact Mirrors

Not to mention the fact that there are numerous other opportunities to get your toes wet in the beauty industry while we’re talking about it.

When most people think of print-on-demand products, they don’t immediately think of mirrors and compacts, which makes this a awesome way to get a jump on your competitors. In cosmetic bags or other travel accessories, compact mirrors will be a massive hit with your customers.

Suppliers can take place on the Gooten website.

πŸ“ Tags for Luggage

Are you looking for another top option that takes advantage of the growing travel industry? Consider the use of luggage tags.

It’s feasible that you don’t want to sell customized suitcases, but people are constantly looking for ways to identify their belongings when traveling internationally. Luggage tags that are customized to meet the needs of travelers and other shoppers are sure to be a hit with influencers and other shoppers.

You can find luggage tags on the following websites: 

  • Gooten 
  • Printify 
  • Redbubble

πŸ“Œ Homeware Print on demand

You should remember that Print on Demand goods becomes operated for much more than just fashion and travel. As the industry continues to grow and tools such as Printful and Printify provide businesses with more options, you can also find many fantastic homeware ideas on the internet. As an illustration:

πŸ“ Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are an excellent new product that is currently in high demand.

Sales of custom-designed yoga mats are becoming increasingly popular as the health and fitness industries expand in size. Selling these mats is an excellent way to capture the attention of many people who want to live happier and healthier lives. You might even be able to secure the services of a fitness influencer who will promote your yoga mats on their social media accounts.

How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

Remember, yoga mats aren’t just for yoga enthusiasts; you can find them at the following locations:

  • Gooten 
  • Pixels

πŸ“ Aprons

The is one more helpful homeware item that is sure to draw a lot of attention to your store when displayed. Everybody, from busy moms to influencers and bakers, will be drawn to aprons when introduced.

These products can be a great addition to any store that sells homeware or kitchen-related items, among other things. You can customize the aprons with your company’s logo to make them stand out even more, or you can allow your customers to personalize their aprons to make them the perfect gift. Aprons for POD marketing conceivably bought from a variety of sources: 

  • Printful
  • Inkthreadable

πŸ“ Throw PillowsΒ 

If you’re looking for cozy Print on demand products, you don’t have to limit yourself to onesies and aprons anymore. Throw pillows are another option to consider.

They are interchangeable and updated from season to season, making them an excellent way to generate additional sales opportunities for your store. Throw pillows allow you to express your individuality by decorating them with slogans and designs that are unique to you. Furthermore, throw pillows can sell in conjunction with various other products, including artwork and clothing. is a website where you can find suppliers. Some are the following:

  • Printify
  • Gooten 
  • Inkthreadable
  • Printful

πŸ“ Magnets

These are small, suitable products that are commonly simple to sell. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Offering a wide variety of options, from realistic magnets that help your customers keep in mind things like eggs and milk, you can satisfy your customers’ every need.

These items are known to market at a low cost point; therefore, you may find that marketing them as part of mix-and-match bundles results in a slightly higher profit margin than selling them individually. and Gooten areΒ  websites that helps you find suppliers.

πŸ“ Art for the Walls

With a little bit of Wall Art, who wouldn’t want to liven up their space a little bit?

Suppose you’ve always wanted to show off your artistic side through your business, but personalized gifts from Zazzle aren’t entirely cutting it. In that case, you might want to consider creating and selling wall art instead of customized gifts.

You can bring your paintings and images to life in various ways, including on canvas, Print, and other mediums. Suppliers can take place at the following locations:

  • Printify
  • Printful
  • Gooten 

πŸ“ Blankets

The addition of blankets to your Print on demand product listing will make it more inviting.

There are a plethora of options available in this area. You can choose from a variety of ultra-luxurious blankets designed to complement the bedding you sell. Alternatively, you could purchase blankets for movie buffs who want to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix, or you could buy baby blankets.

You can learn more about your options here:

  • Gooten
  • TeaLaunch
  • Printify

πŸ“Œ Print-on-Demand Stationery and items for pets

If you like the idea of creating print-on-demand products that look good in the home, you can always look into a variety of stationery options and pet-related merchandise. Print products are excellent for various applications, including iPhone covers, journals, duvet covers, and beanies.

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

πŸ“ Notebooks and Journals

We all require a haven in which to store our thoughts.

Student notebooks and journals printed on demand are an excellent choice if you want to capture the attention of students, parents, teachers, professionals, and other influential people.

Ask yourself about your products that will set them apart from the competition as you develop these options. Could you come up with a catchy slogan that would make your customers laugh? Alternatively, attach a pen to the side of the notebook so that they are always prepared to write?

Suppliers of printing-on-demand production are all located here:

  • Teelaunch
  • GootenΒ 
  • Zazzle
  • RedBubbleΒ 
How print on demand works: an illustrated guide

πŸ“ Calendars

Having a calendar and notifications on your phone to help you manage your schedule is a great convenience. However, many of us prefer to have a paper calendar hung up in our homes or places of business to keep track of everything.

If you already sell stationary-related items, calendars are an excellent addition to your inventory. Also beneficial is that because each product has a set end date, you can rotate in new designs regularly, keeping your roster fresh and exciting for your customers.

When it comes to calendars, Gooten is your best bet.

πŸ“ Mouse Pads

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling to students, parents, children, or business owners; a mouse pad is something that everyone these days requires.

Everybody, from computer gamers to office workers, appreciates the opportunity to get their hands on a high-quality mouse pad. Just make sure that your design not only looks good but that it also functions flawlessly as well. You’ll need designs that are appealing to your target audience while also providing them with something that will stand the test of time as well. If you sell many stationery and computer-related items, this is an excellent product to include in your product line.

Suppliers are all located at the launch of Gooten, Redbubble, and Teelaunch.

πŸ“ Dog Beds

If you’re looking for Print demand products, you might have considered duvet covers and blankets as possible options. How many times have you taken the time to evaluate which products might make life a little easier for your customer’s four-legged friends? Did you think about it?

Even if all else fails, customers will spend a fortune spoiling their canine companions with something extra-ordinary. As a result, you can rest assured that your dog beds will stand the test of time. Suppliers can remain situated on the following websites: 

  • Gooten
  • TeeLaunch

πŸ“ Pet Accessories

Aside from dog beds, there are various other ways to incorporate gifts for four-legged friends into your Print on demand store.

Create your pet bowls, collar tags for dog owners to attach to their dogs’ collars, or even pet bandanas to sell to raise money for your cause. You can even assist your customers in keeping their homes clean by designing custom pet placements for their needs. Consider the following locations for inspiration:

  • GootenΒ 
  • Printify

Print-on-Demand Services at Their Finest: Print-on-Demand Websites

When a merchant has access to the appropriate tools, they can achieve their goals more effectively thanks to the significant advancement of print-on-demand services.

What is the best solution for sourcing services for a customer purchasing a custom-branded product from you?

As a result, to stop this problem, this section explores all of the features available on each print-on-demand website.

So here’s what must be know as an executive summary.

πŸ› Printful

When considering all of Printful‘s features, it appears that the company is setting the bar a little higher so far.

For the most part, Print is an eCommerce sales channel that caters to customers who prefer to have their products printed on demand.

Fortunately, there are no signup fees or minimum order requirements. Users have the option of either selling their items or purchasing directly from Printful through the software.

To put it another way, Printful puts you in the driver’s seat whenever you be required to personalize and drop ship any of these products;

  • Backpacks
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts are popular choices
  • Wristbands with personalized engraving
  • Mugs for coffee
  • Stickers
  • Sports bras are a great option
  • Jackets
  • Cases for mobile phones
  • Sweatpants
  • Tote bags are small bags that use for carrying things
  • Leggings
  • Swimwear
  • Towels for the beach

There’s a lot more to choose among when you shop at Printful.

The Print on Demand Service Provided by Printful works

You must connect your eCommerce store to Printful in the same way you would with any other POD solution. The vast majority of its users are Shopify store owners, according to the company. Printful integrates seamlessly with other major sales channels, such as; Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

  • Squarespace is a website design company
  • WooCommerce is a web-based commerce platform
  • Ecwid is a web-based application that allows you to create a website
  • Magneto is a fictional character created by writer Robert Heinlein in the 1960s
  • BigCommerce is an e-commerce program that enables you to sell your products and services online
  • ShipStation is an acronym that stands for “shipping station”
  • Weebly is a website builder (
  • Β 3dcart

On the other hand, Merchants can collaborate with giant marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, and Inktale.

Having Printful integrated into your store allows you to upload products that contain your designs to sell virtually. The POD software streamlines the order fulfillment process by automating it and making the logistics part of it more accessible.

To put it all into perspective, you can have all of your suppliers send orders to Printful’s warehouse, which will fulfill. Printful’s team prints all orders, pack them and ships them to their legitimate customers worldwide.

Order fulfillment includes sending timely notifications to the retailer and attaching a tracking number to each shipment as part of the order fulfillment process.

As a result, what happened?

Your buyer will receive the product in a package that bears your company’s logo. On the surface, it will appear that you shipped the package yourself.

The Most Important Characteristics of Printful

Aside from warehousing and order fulfillment, there is a lot more to gain from Printful when it comes to consolidating your print-on-demand dropshipping business into one place. At the very least, it exceeds the bare minimum because it currently has four strategically located warehouse facilities.

Printful has camp bases in several locations, including North Carolina, Mexico, California, and Latvia. Therefore, cooperating to your customers is extremely simple. The POD solution collaborates with international shipping companies to reduce shipping costs.

This POD-oriented platform offers a diverse range of print customization options to increase your deliveries’ likelihood of success.

As a result of Printful’s seamless integration with your online store, you can automate the order import method with the by pressing a button. Its mobile-friendliness ensures that nothing is left to chance. Because Printful is cloud-based software, users can access it through an app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Because of its simplicity, it eliminates any practical obstacles that you might encounter on a similar platform. A merchant can design, sell, and track the status of each ordered product all from the same place: the dashboard.

The short and long of it is that this Printful review reveals the ins and outs of the platform from a more global perspective.

πŸ› Printify

Printify and Printful are very similar in appearance, which can be confusing. In this sense, there is no place for any doubt. Guys, it’s not just the prefix that matters.

It’s still a top-tier solution with features similar to Printful, but at a lower price.

I ran a couple of ‘rat tests’ on the free plan to figure out how much creative potential it possessed. Printify is not only free to use, but it also has a built-in network of print design suppliers.

The Printify rigid alternative for many POD retailers is an excellent option because it allows you to list over 250 unique products in your store.

What is the process of using Printify’s print-on-demand service?

Printify applies in the similar way as Printful, which is to say that it is incredibly effective. The user provides the option of selecting a product from the company’s POD-focused catalog. If you have a specific brand or logo in mind, Printify’s design options will ensure that all of your potential customers’ demands are incorporated.

If you are unsure about a product and would like to receive some samples, you can place an order to receive them. As a result, you’ll always be aware of the type of quality standard that makes employed to keep your customers satisfied.

Because this solution integrates with Shopify, it has gained significant credibility in this highly competitive market. Similar to Printify, a close competitor, Printify has integrations with major marketplaces and, of course, influential eCommerce website builders.

Some of the most prominent integrations are with WooCommerce, Wix, and PrestaShop, among others. The hints that a merchant can list products on their website while also utilizing Printify to be step ahead of the tournament regarding the order fulfillment procedure.

Fortunately, the Printful API section allows you to make various changes that will help you elevate your eCommerce business even further.

But what are the plans for the future?

When a merchant is on the lookout for the most profitable solution, pricing is always at the top of the priority list. A premium version of Printify is available in addition to the free package, which allows for a maximum of 5 stores per account.

Users can connect up to ten different stores on a single account with Printify’s later plan, which allows them to scale up their business. For $29 per month, a merchant can personalize the order import process and offer a 20% discount on each product, depending on the product.

The Enterprise plan, on the other hand, offers the most features and benefits. There are no limitation on the number of online stores that you can add to your website. After submitting an official inquiry, the user will receive a customized quote for this plan.

This premium version of Printify provides all of its users with first-hand access to all of the latest updates and newly-launched features consistently. As mentioned earlier, you have the chance of working with custom API integrations. However, to maintain access to this feature, you must be using the Enterprise package.

Printify provides you with access to a dedicated account management team, which is appropriate given the flexibility of this plan.

πŸ› Lulu xPress

If you’re in the industry of selling books, Lulu xPress stands out from the competition in several ways. Because of that, it comes to being created to assist merchants in increasing the amount of money they make from their respective bookselling businesses.

Many print-on-demand options are available on Lulu xPress, which makes designing and printing books much more efficient.

What is the procedure for using Lulu xPress?

Nothing more than uploading a file with the content printed on your ordered books will require you. The following critical step is to select a book format that is well-connected. With Lulu, you have a plethora of formatting and layout options.

To be more specific, over 3000. Various formats range from A4 sizes to pocketbooks, digest guides, executive designs, and many other options. After selecting a binding vote, you will need to choose a crucial opportunity for that document. The size of the book has a significant impact on this.

When it comes to fulfilling a book order, the color options are also worth considering. Lulu Xpress has a first-hand understanding of your print-on-demand requirements, which is quite remarkable. As a result, the following are the color options that are currently available;

  • Standard black and white are widespread use on content that is straightforward but comprehensive. When I say that, I’m referring to a book with few graphical illustrations and images.
  • Text in the standard style: This style is appropriate for a book with important content and a couple of images on top of that, as, in the example above, it’s ideal for use when you only require a medium level of ink density in your illustrations. A common reason for this is that it allows a merchant to save a couple of dollars on printing expenses.
  • Premium black and white- As the name implies, this is a more practical and upscale version of the standard option in black and white. Its ink density is exceptionally high, making it ideal for books containing many images and graphical illustrations.
  • Premium-color printing is the best option if your book requires more image content than it does text.

Aside from that, there is a diverse selection of paper types to chose from it. Order fulfillment is made simple with Lulu Xpress’s order fulfillment software. Orders are shipped to over 150 countries around the world by the team. It could take between 3-5 business days to customize your print book completely.

Lulu offers an online calculator that automatically generates a custom quote for each print order placed on their website for pricing inquiries. To work with figures on target, you must first choose a project type, such as a book or a calendar, to workaround.

Last but not least, you must enter the following project specifications:

  1. The trim size is specified 
  2. The total number of pages
  3. The color scheme for the interior (standard or premium)
  4. Specify the type of paper
  5. Type of tethering
  6. The book’s cover

You will only be charged shipping rates based on the type of carrier service you choose to work. When it comes to expedited shipping, it may only take two working days in the United States, Africa, the rest of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

πŸ› Shop Base

With ShopBase, it’s now better than ever to establish a niche in white labeling and print-on-demand dropshipping businesses.

You can create an online store here in the same way that you would with any other sales channel and begin making online sales. An e-commerce website powered by ShopBase is, to put it mildly, lightning fast in terms of development.

All of its product pages load quickly, which makes it easier to increase conversion rates. Every online merchant desires to earn through one of the latest and greatest payment gateways. The good news is that ShopBase is acutely aware of this impending reality.

When creating your print-on-demand online store, you have the option of customizing the checkout page to your specifications. It’s possible to make a few changes to your website if you’re familiar with programming languages such as CSS and Javascript.

ShopBase integrates with payment solutions that are widely accepted worldwide, allowing you to scale your business projections. In this way, you can give potential customers some wiggle room when paying for their purchases. The simple logic is that ShopBase has built-in functionality that allows the drop shipper to process payments via various methods.

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Visa
  • BlueSnap
  • Mastercard

ShopBase’s Award-Winning Characteristics

When it comes to print-on-demand online stores, ShopBase has a robust set of tools to help you get started, just like other sales channels such as Shopify or even WooCommerce.

The store builder includes many fully customizable themes, the majority of which will create by highly skilled developers. Most importantly, ShopBase consists of a preview mode that allows you to see what you’ll be working with before you begin.

All of the themes available on its marketplace have become accurately optimized to achieve outstanding conversion rates. According to the most recent statistics, most shoppers place their orders using their mobile devices. Because most of the traffic originates, ShopBase exists made to be mobile-friendly software that is easily accessible.

All of your shopping cart options should be of high quality. If it is still not executed, the number of abandoned shopping carts will eventually rise in number. It is, to put it mildly, disheartening for the owner of a print-on-demand store.

ShopBase allows users to customize the checkout page to avoid any potential snafus during the transaction. When it comes to e-Commerce, there are some wins and some losses. However, the former must outweigh the latter. As a result, ShopBase provides you with a cart abandonment recovery solution with which to experiment.

You can send email notifications to visitors to persuade them to complete the checkout process. You can also offer flexible shipping rates to potential customers, which they may find convenient.

You have the option of working with:

  • Shipping costs are predetermined.
  • Rates calculated based on weight
  • Pricing on a sliding scale
  • Pricing based on where you are

When listing a product virtually, a merchant can choose to include a couple of related variants related to the product become listed. The most interesting feature of this aspect is that it allows customers to shop by size, color, and the item’s material becomes purchased.

A retailer can additionally set multiple images and bulk-import the product information via a CSV file downloaded from the internet. In the print-on-demand model, you can list nearly any product niche you can think of, and this is true in practice. Leggings, hoodies, t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, and even art prints are just a few examples of what you can experiment with.

Pleasingly, ShopBase does not impose a limit on the number of products that its users can upload.

Essentially, ShopBase promotes itself as a SaaS (software as a service) solution hosted in the cloud. It means that similar to Shopify, you will have a mobile dashboard available to you. From this point on, you can visually monitor all actions in real-time from any location, since you have a mobile equipment at your disposal.

A retailer can fulfill an order and contact a customer to inform them of its status with a single click of a button.

The security of your online store is an essential factor to consider. For starters, ShopBase is an SSL-certified solution that is also proactive enough to conduct a fraud analysis on each order that comes in.

πŸ› Teespring

Teespring is an electronic commerce platform that has gained so much traction over its competitors because it significantly alters the course of running a print-on-demand company.

Each category comes to separated into several related subcategories. Teespring offers various types of socks (love socks, Camo socks, cat socks, passion socks).

A merchant can place design orders for print-on-demand products such as the following in the home decor category:

  • Pillows
  • Prints on canvas
  • Tapestries
  • Posters

The same is true for the categories of accessories and mugs. On the other hand, T-shirts and sweatpants appear to be gaining in popularity in the print-on-demand categories. The class of phone covers is also performing admirably well.

πŸ› Spreadshirt

If you’re looking to break into the t-shirt market, Spreadshirt allows you to create personalized products in large quantities at a low cost. This POD solution has been in use since 2002, according to the company. So far, the majority of POD drop shippers have reported that things are running smoothly.

It’s a sort of directory of themed t-shirts if you will. Custom t-shirts are all designed using the print-on-demand solution, which uses recently developed techniques. Consider any print design concept, such as a Halloween t-shirt, a funny t-shirt, or even a print design that raises awareness.

Spreadshirt is a master of many trades when it comes to the print-on-demand industry. You can create an online store and list any viable product categories and high-selling on this site to begin selling.

What distinguishes it from the competition is its designs marketplace. You are not required to work tirelessly and spend sleepless nights creating a logo.

You can delegate this task to professionals. Creating unique designs to meet your specifications is something that Spreadshirt’s independent designers are highly skilled so.

As a result, Spreadshirt is a comprehensive solution that is up to the task of meeting the demands of custom branded t-shirts customers. And it’s not just tee-shirts either. Clothing for men, women, and children is also available in the company’s product catalog. Hoodies, tank tops, group wear, and gifts are all included in this price.

Spreadshirt offers its customers up to a 70 percent discount on their orders when they place them in bulk as part of its incentive, or rather, “call-to-action” strategy, according to the company. A 30-day policy on return is also in effect for all orders placed with us.

πŸ› Gooten

A print-on-demand platform, Gooten, helps online entrepreneurs reach greater heights in their business ventures. If you are an online vendor who uses Shopify, Gooten makes it possible to integrate your products promptly.

It comes with essential editing tools that allow you to create designs for your products using the software. Gooten is such a free-spirited individual. I wouldn’t characterize it as a niche-focused software for the printing industry per se. As an alternative, it is a dynamic solution with a comprehensive product listing for each category.

Gooten, for example, has a plethora of print designs for kitchen items such as aprons and mugs in its home & living category, among other things. You can select one-of-a-kind designs for products such as pillows that will be added to the accessories in your living room. A merchant can also create print designs for bathroom curtains, which have already come acquired from them.

When it comes to the category of ‘Apparel,’ which is steadily becoming a top-selling one, Gooten gets right to the point by listing the items in high demand in the market. It preserves you a plenty of time while simultaneously routing all orders to Gooten’s team.

The white label support offered by Gooten is perhaps the most eye-catching feature. In this way, a merchant can reduce the expenses associated with providing a better experience for their customers. Gooten’s team responds to any questions your customers may have and ensures that all customer feedback is provided to your inbox immediately.

When it comes to hot products on the market, the retailer’s pricing is relatively reasonable. Merchants will have some flexibility in adjusting their profit margins as a result of this.

πŸ› Merchify

Like most other print-on-demand solutions, Merchify integrates with Shopify to automate order processing at any level of complexity. Merchify is available for download and installation directly from the Shopify app marketplace.

As a right-minded tool for the print-on-demand drop shipping model, it eliminates the need for you to maintain an inventory of your products. Because Shopify is a responsive sales channel that is also mobile-friendly, retailers can significantly improve their conversion rates and product search results.

The certainty that online shoppers can be impatient at times, which is understandable. As a result, you must act quickly. Merchify’s user interface, which is a little more in-depth when importing the product listings to your eCommerce store, makes it simple to increase your average order value.

You must first upload a product before you can begin selling. It could be a t-shirt or a canvas print, for example. The following simple step is to import the images and create product descriptions optimized for search engines. Finally, you will have the opportunity to publish your products on Shopify.

As soon as a customer places an order, the order is processed as quickly as the next business day. Merchify will take care of all of the packing, printing, and shipping tasks on your behalf. That enables a retailer to save money by cutting corners and delegating essential tasks.

Once a shipment has been dispatched, the Merchify team will send you a tracking number. It simplifies the logistics process because it allows the merchant and the customer to keep a close eye on the order simultaneously.

Merchify sends all of the billing information to your Shopify account, allowing you to set your retail price markups on your products. As a result, you will manage all of the shipping options and the profit margins.

When a customer places an order for custom printing, Merchify sends an email to the online retailer informing them of the order. The information contained in the notification includes:

  • An automatically generated order number.
  • Customer billing information.
  • The customer’s shipping address.
  • A description of the product purchased.

Once the print-on-demand product is ready for shipment, a shipping affirmation would deploy to the customer. If your Shopify’s shipping confirmation settings are in order, Merhcify will send your customers a tracking number instantly as their order is shipped.

πŸ› Print Aura

Custom branding is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business, and Print Aura is amongst the most cost-effective platforms for doing so. There is a diverse selection of products to choose from it. A user can either purchase or have their logo printed at meager prices, depending on their preference.

No matter how great or small your business is anymore. There is no minimum number of orders required on this platform. As a result, you can print a single t-shirt and done with it without any additional obligations. Also convenient applies to both the entrepreneur and the shopper is the turnaround time (TAT).

In terms of time, the Print aura team processes an order within 3-5 business days on average. If you purchase the premium version, the order time for processing is now reducing to 48 hours. Although there may be a need to increase production capacity, this does not impact the level of product quality that a customer may expect.

In other words, Print Aura comes to created to help you grow your business to whatever level of success you desire. But, perhaps most importantly, it contains high-quality design mockups. More than that, the retailer can personalize the return labels and packing slips to promote their own company’s image.

It is a beautiful gesture on the company’s part to provide a print guarantee for all products. It covers unforeseen and unavoidable mishaps such as common manufacturing defects, which are common in the industry.

Print Aura integrates with several other e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, Opencart, and Storenvy. Everything taken into consideration, it is effortless to start a t-shirt business in this country. Furthermore, over 150K independent designers on Print Aura can assist you in your journey.

πŸ› Customcat

For crafty artists interested in monetizing their ideas, a Customcat is a printmaking tool that they can use. Instead, it’s an integration solution that allows you to import products from a CSV file and connect them to channels such as Shopify or WooCommerce.

Adding to this serves as a meeting point for private developers who are highly skilled in developing custom APIs.

Customcat is not only a product printer for hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and other similar items, but it is also an enterprise-focused solution designed for scalability on par with that of an industrial manufacturing facility.

If a merchant sells more products, it is almost certain that the money earned will increase. Customcat is well-positioned to achieve this goal because it has a large warehouse and can perform mass customizations on orders received.

πŸ› RedBubble

With headquarters in Australia, Redbubble is a Print on Demand company that sells to companies worldwide. This fantastic store sells products designed by users and offers high-quality printing services and a diverse selection of entertaining products to choose from it.

When it comes to print-on-demand solutions, one of the things that makes Redbubble so appealing that we observe various options for fantastic products, such as the following:

  • Men’s clothing is a type of clothing that men wear.
  • Women’s clothing is a broad term.
  • Children and babies are all comprised in this category.
  • Cases for medical devices
  • Stickers and other forms of wall art
  • DΓ©cor for the home
  • Bags
  • Stationary 
  • Gifts

RedBubble also has a straightforward pricing structure. Every product on the platform has a clear price available to everyone, and you can set your markup on the item based on the design you choose to include.

How The Print-on-Demand Service from RedBubble Is Effective

If you’ve never heard of Redbubble before, you might be curious as to how it works. This website has a very similar design to the majority of other print-on-demand platforms available on the market today. However, it does not provide any additional support or additional apps for those who wish to integrate with third-party platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

In other words, the only way to sell on Redbubble is to do so directly through the platform itself. You will be unable to install it into your WooCommerce store and begin selling the following day. It is a problem for people who want to sell their print-on-demand products through their existing store may be a slight inconvenience. As this is the case, you might want to consider using a service like Printful.

The good news is that selling the products you design with Redbubble through its official website makes it simpler to keep track of your entire collection of products. Unfortunately, you will not have the option of creating a legitimate brand name for your company.

Redbubble’s Most Important Characteristics

When it comes to selling print-on-demand products, Redbubble is a solution designed specifically for people who want to learn about the advantages of doing so without going through the hassle of creating their website and brand. It’s the perfect tool for you if you don’t have the time to manage your eCommerce store, but you believe you have the creativity to turn a profit selling Print on Demand products online.

The customization options are numerous, and you can upload your images and designs to as many categories and products as you want. It is worthwhile, however, to use different image sizes for each product on your website. Additionally, Redbubble offers printing services that are of reasonable quality.

Because Redbubble also manufactures and prints products specifically for the buyer, getting items from you to your customer may take a little longer than usual. Choosing this method of shipping products may not be the best option if you need them to arrive quickly.

Redbubble, on the other hand, is a very straightforward and straightforward platform that is ideal for beginners who want to sell their custom designs.

The final takeaway…

Is it worthwhile to start a print-on-demand eCommerce business?

Yes, without a doubt.

However, there is a benefit.

Simply work with the best of the best. Shopify is a sales channel that integrates with nearly all print-on-demand solutions. It is available in English and Spanish. It implies that you are not required to have any prior print or design experience.

After all, a design platform like Dribble has many talented designers who are available to hire at reasonable rates.

Alternatively, once you’ve decided on a particular design mockup, you can order a few samples from the supplier. It is an intelligent way to approach the print-on-demand model in general. The fact that one can test a large number of products is what makes POD a popular dropshipping option for many. In addition, the fact that Shopify provides the best results for retailers who sell print-on-demand products is an important consideration.

Because Shopify’s plans are customizable, you can launch your business using the most lucrative eCommerce sales channel available. Because it is an income-generating model, just like any other, you may want to make sure that your customer service system is in good working order.

All of the print-on-demand websites mentioned above are exceptional in their own right. All you must do now is think about your requirements. If you get stuck, post your question in the comments section below.

I’ll be here as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.

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